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Meladerm Cream Reviews – Watch This Before You Buy!

Meladerm Cream reviews have been generally positive as this clip from the Balancing Act morning show featuring a video review by Dr. Bayati shows. Use the quick links below to take a closer look at it to learn more about it so you can make an informed decision.

Civant skin care official meladerm website

What is Meladerm Skin Lightening Cream?

Meladerm skin lightener is an all natural product that was formulated to reduce the appearance of hyper-pigmentation like age or sun spots, blemishes, scars, and other uneven skin tone problems.

Meladerm cream reviews picture of woman with age spotsConditions like blemishes and age spots from sun damage or other discolorations can really harm your self confidence particularly when they are located on the face.

You can try to cover up discolorations with make up, but who wouldn’t prefer to get rid of them altogether and have much clearer skin? Meladerm Cream claims this is possible.

Meladerm is a topical skin lightening product. It claims it can reduce the signs of aging on your face and hands. The website states that many persons have seen noticeable results within only a couple of weeks of starting to use it.

This is a product made from natural ingredients. It’s said to be safe even on sensitive skin and it does not contain any of the harsh, irritating, and even potentially harmful chemicals found in a lot of similar  products.

Meladerm Cream Ingredients

Woman checking a products ingredients listThe product is a skin lightening or brightening cream meant to work by fading out the imperfections of the skin. It’s designed to minimize the appearance of  visible flaws like age, sun, or liver spots, dark patches, discoloration from scars, dark eye circles and other problem areas.

It does not use hydroquinone which has been receiving a lot of very negative press lately and instead uses the safer alternative Alpha Arbutin. It also does not contain any parabens or steroids. This makes it a popular choice for anyone concerned about their health.

The main active ingredients in Meladerm include:

  • Alpha Arbutin: A hydroquinone alternative that is equally effective and safer to use.
  • Tego Cosmo C : An amino acid that is able to improve skin tone.
  • Kojic Acid: Used in the treatment of age spots and skin pigmentation.
  • Gigawhite: a plant extract that is another safer alternative to hydroquinone.
  • Licorice Extract: It has excellent skin whitening and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Lemon Juice Extract: One of nature’s most potent skin bleaching ingredients.

Other natural compounds and extracts that are used in Meladerm are Mulberry Extract, Glycolic acid, vitamin B3 (Niacinamide), and Bearberry extract. These ingredients have been formulated to work together for the best results and can be used on all skin types.

The company says that people should expect to start seeing positive results within two weeks of the start of using it. The complete results can be expected within two to three months, provided Meladerm is used regularly and according to the directions.

Are There Any Meladerm Cream Health Warnings?

Chemical free signAs mentioned beforehand this skin care product does not contain hydroquinone, parabens, steroids, or mercury, which have been linked to health hazards including liver damage, cancer risks, and other medical conditions.

Civant Skin Care has not reported any serious Meladerm side effects but there is always a very small chance of an allergic reaction when using any topical skin cream.

The company states on their website that a small percentage of people may see some temporary darkening or redness in the area as the skin becomes used to the product in the first few days.

Thousands of people have used Meladerm cream for more than a decade with very few complaints. But since there are different types of skin some types may react differently to the usage of skin creams. Generally the worse side effects from using Meladerm Cream include:

  • Mild skin irritation
  • Minor skin cracking (temporary)
  • Increased risk of sun damage (use sun screen outdoors)

When using new skin care products there is always the possibility of skin irritation occurring during the first application. This is not common for most users of the product and is generally only a mild instance that will go away quickly .

Since Meladerm is also a known to have exfoliating powers, it is necessary for you to use a sun block at all times. Using a sunscreen that is friendly to your skin type will eliminate the risk of sun damage while using this treatment.

In the unlikely event that you do suffer any kind of severe skin reaction stop using it immediately. If you are pregnant or nursing consult a doctor before using Meladerm, since the safety and efficiency for these types of users has not been fully established.

Since it is made from natural ingredients it is considered safe to use on all complexions. The company does state that it is best to consult your dermatologist before you start using Meladerm. This is something that should be done with any cosmetic product and is especially true if you have any type of skin condition.

People with sensitive skin can test Meladerm by simply applying it to a less visible area to monitor any reaction for a day or two, before applying it to the face.

Civant skin care official meladerm website

The Civant Skin Care Company

civant skin care meladerm cream logoThe Civant Skin Care company has been in business for almost a decade now. Their main goal was to  develop a powerful skin whitening formula that was hydroquinone free. Something that was both effective and safe for normal use.

They felt it was not worth risking one’s health and safety by using a cream containing toxic ingredients with dangerous side effects. Their research and development division went to work testing various natural ingredients. It took four long years to achieve the results they wanted.

In 2003 they finally introduced their breakthrough product Meladerm. Today many people still claim it is the best whitening cream available. It contains a natural derivative of the Bearberry plant called Alpha-Arbutin as a hydroquinone alternative. Since then it has steadily become one of the most popular skin creams available without a prescription..

Does Meladerm Work?

Since many people are more familiar with Hydroquinone that is used in most skin lightening products they wonder if this product will work without it or other harsh chemicals.

One of the indicators of it’s effectiveness is that it’s popularity has been increasing year after year and it has become a trusted product for many different people in many different countries. Another indicator is it’s continuing strong sales.

Finally you can see many before and after pictures on their website. Another good indicator is the many positive reviews and testimonials from various websites on the internet.

Meladerm Cream Reviews From Real People

People with dark spots from the sun or old acne scars can often never imagine having clear skin again. This Meladerm Cream reviews found ‘jules24’ in the makeuptalk forum. She reports that her skin showed real improvement within a short space of time, without the use of any cosmetics.

“I use Meladerm and it has done wonders for my skin by giving me an even complexion, fading my acne scars and age spots.The only drawback is that you need to take care when out in the sun.”

It is recommended that you use sun screen if you are outside. The review below was found on Facebook by Michelle M, who stated that her skin showed real improvement within a short space of time:

“I have been using Meladerm twice a day for a month and it really does work! I have a bunch of sun/age spots under my eyes and on my nose and they have significantly faded! I am pleasantly surprised, as I usually strike out with these types of products. TY!”

People with darker skin have often been disappointed by general purpose skin care products. Meladerm however is a specialty cream that has been created to work with virtually all the different types of skin. Here is a testimonial from ‘A.S.’ on the Meladerm website:

“I am an Indian women.I have been using this product since 1 month and trust me it really works! This product gave me a smooth , pigmentation free skin and a glowing complexion.I recommend this product for everyone, this product is seriously worth a try. All you need to do is just practise diligent skin care and have a little patience, it will surely give you the results!”

This is just a small sample of the positive reviews and why the company stands behind their products with a no questions money back guarantee. Of course as with any product a few people have been disappointed with the results but with the guarantee it’s a risk free way to try it yourself.

How To Order Meladerm Cream Online

Ordering Meladerm is a simple process when you use the official Civant Skin Care Website. It is not sold in local stores and can only be obtained online. Purchasing from anywhere else could lead to problems but you can use the official website with total confidence and get:

  • Manufacturer direct pricing.
  • The genuine formulation and not a cheap knockoff.
  • A fresh and not outdated product.
  • A no questions 30 day Money Back Guarantee.
  • A safe and secure ordering process.

Picture of meladerm skin cream productThe overwhelming consensus involving Meladerm is a positive one. People have been getting the results they were after with many experiencing brighter better looking skin that they haven’t seen in years.

Meladerm is a highly recommended product that has proven results with real people as reported in many reviews and testimonials.

It’s natural ingredients are safe to use for all types and shades of skin and it comes with a money back guarantee offered by Civant Skin Care. This means you can try it risk free.

Civant skin care official meladerm website