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Safe Effective Brown Liver Spot Removal – Meladerm Cream

Woman looking at a spot or blemish on her arm. If you are looking for how to get rid of dark liver spots on your face, arms, or hands, you landed in the right place. There is a dark spot remover that claims to remove them without using harsh chemicals that can damage your skin.

Whether they are called age, sun, or Liver spots. for most people they’re unsightly and embarrassing and they just want get rid of those spots. Medically speaking they are not likely to pose a serious threat.

But they do pose a threat to your confidence and self-esteem so they deserve your serious attention. There has been a breakthrough in the ways you can safely remove them. Click the link below for details on that. Keep reading for more information about dark spots on your face, arms, and hands.

Civant skin care official meladerm website

What Are Liver Spots?

A liver spot is also called an age or sun spot. They appear as a dark or brown spot, patch, or area of color change on your skin. They are mainly caused due to exposure to the sun or other sources of ultraviolet light.

As our skin ages they begin to appear and it can even happen to relatively young persons. Their general appearance is:

  • Flat
  • Painless
  • Light brown to black in color
  • Located on the hands, arms, face and other areas exposed to the sun

They are physiologically unrelated to the liver and actually have nothing to do with it or it’s function. In early medicine they were thought to be caused by liver problems which was untrue, but the name stuck.

As you age, especially from your 40’s onward the skin is less able to regenerate from sun exposure. They are very common in this age group, particularly in those persons that have had the greatest sun exposure.

Since exposure to sunlight is a main cause of them there are some common sense precautions you can take to help prevent getting more of them. Protect your skin from the sun by taking the following steps:

  • Cover your exposed skin with clothing, hats, long sleeves, etc.
  • Use sunglasses to protect the areas around your your eyes.
  • Try to avoid sun exposure at midday, when sunlight is strongest.
  • Use high-quality sunscreens that have a high SPF rating.
  • Apply and reapply it as needed even in the winter.

Medical Treatments For Brown Spots On Skin

In the vast majority of cases they pose no threat and require no treatment. However despite being a benign condition they are considered unsightly and many people choose to have them removed. There are a few medical methods that you can use for their removal. like electrosurgery, laser treatments, microdermabrasion, and cryotherapy.

These treatments all have some drawbacks. They can be very expensive, possibly painful, and could possibly leave white non-pigmented areas or small scars. This is why many skip all the medical procedures and try a topical skin cream instead.

Getting Rid Of Liver, Age, And Sun Spots With A Topical Cream

There is a solution that’s more cost-effective and something you can start right away. You can find a wide variety of skin creams that are designed to get rid of dark spots. These creams target Melanin is what gives your skin it’s color. Overproduction of melanin causes those dark spots to appear.

There is one big drawback to using many of these types of skin creams. The problem is the chemicals used in them like hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, and parabens. These are all unhealthy compounds, but hydroquinone is probably the worst. It is a known carcinogen and has been linked to other serious side effects. It has been banned in several countries.

It’s very important to stay vigilant of what ingredients dark spot removers contain. This problem with ingredients was solved by the Civant Skin Care Company who use Alpha Arbutin as a hydroquinone replacement. Studies have shown  this to be a safe and effective alternative to that harsh and unhealthy chemical.

Not only that they do not use any of the dangerous chemicals mentioned above opting instead to use all natural ingredients. This is why they claim hyroquione-free Meladerm is the best cream for liver spots. This breakthrough was actually achieved years ago but many people still have not heard of it.

This is because it is a proprietary product that can only be ordered direct from their website, and it’s not sold in stores. Click the link below for the official Civant Skin Care website.

Civant skin care official meladerm website

How To Try This All Natural Product Risk-Free

If you are interested in trying Meladerm Cream, for your own safety and peace of mind only order direct from the manufacturers official website. This insures a genuine product that is fresh and guaranteed to work.

Here are some testimonials from customersPicture of meladerm dark spot remover product
Romiecka W.
Cleared Spots

I’ve used every product from “A” to “O” and only Meladerm cleared my spots and gave my skin a GLOW! The product is expensive, but I really need more…Remember, you only get what you pay for!

Mrs. Choi
Dark Age Spots

I never write testimonials or put in product reviews when I buy online but I just have to say that I’m on my 2nd bottle and this product REALLY, REALLY WORKS!…..I had dark age spots but now you can hardly notice it.

It seems that this dark spot remover product does work and can get rid of brown spots on your face and hands. There is only one way to know if it will work on you – fortunately this product is safe to use and it is guaranteed to work,  so you can actually try it risk free.


Civant skin care official meladerm website