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The Best Skin Whitening Cream That Uses Natural Ingredients

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Can the best skin whitener contain natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals? Many people have claimed that all natural Meladerm Cream is an effective skin whitening cream. Click below for the official website or keep reading for more about natural skin whiteners.

Civant skin care official meladerm website

If you are not fortunate enough to have perfect looking skin and want a more evenly toned and radiant complexion the most important thing you need to understand is the basics of skin whitening and lightening products .

This way you will be able to determine the kind of product that is best for your skin and complexion, as well as being aware of any potential health hazards you may face when using these kind of products.

Skin discoloration and typical skin imperfections are things that many people strive hard to overcome. This is not just for vanity reasons, these problems are real and with society being so obsessive about physical appearances it can lower your self-esteem and make you feel unattractive.

What Are The Common Uses Of Skin Lightening Creams?

Some people are born with these imperfections, or acquire them from acne or other health related issues, but aging is generally the most common cause of them. As you age you will find signs like dark spots or hyper-pigmentation of the skin requiring you to find solutions for your skin imperfections.

Some of the skin conditions where you need these products are:

  • hyper-pigmentation of the skin.
  • Dark spots around the eyes or armpits.
  • Damage due to the sun exposure.
  • Age, liver, or other spots.
  • Acne scars or scars due to injuries.
  • Melasma and other skin discolorations.

What Are The Hidden Health Dangers In Skin Whiteners?

It is  not uncommon to find skin whitening products with toxic metals such as hydroquinone, mercury, steroids, or paraben. Simply put, these products can be dangerous and can cause more harm than good.

A lot of these chemicals are known to cause skin irritation, and in some cases can actually cause skin disfigurement. Some are known carcinogens, meaning they have a high potential of causing skin cancer.

Something to watch out for is hydroquione. It is not uncommon to find skin lightening products laden with this chemical as the active ingredient and it is something you should avoid.

There is no doubt hydroquinone is very effective and that it does work, but what are the risks? Is it safe for use on your skin? The answer is no it is not safe to use!

Despite the fact that it is an effective skin whitening agent, it is an ingredient that has been banned in over the counter skin care products in many countries around the world. The EU banned it over ten years ago.

What Should You Look For?

Woman checking a products ingredients listIt is up to you to determine the exact ingredients contained in the product before committing yourself to it. If it doesn’t provide much information about its ingredients, then you should not purchase it.

You need to be cautious in using over the counter skin lightening creams. Look for products that contain natural ingredients that will work to inhibit the overproduction of melanin naturally without bringing out nasty side effects.

Melanin is the natural skin pigment that determines how bright or dark your skin is.  Hyper-pigmentation is the darkening of an area of your skin caused by increased melanin. The more melanin that is manufactured in your body, the darker your skin will be.

What Are The Best Skin Whitening Alternatives?

The good news is that you can brighten, lighten, or tone your skin  safely with natural skin lightening ingredients that are just as effective as the harsh chemicals available.

It is safer to use skin lightening cream made from organic ingredients. One very effective ingredient to look for is Alpha-Arbutin this is a plant extract which also limits melanin production.

It has been proven to be very effective and it is significantly more stable than hydroquinone, and it does not have all the negative side effects. Most people tolerate it easily without skin irritation.

Other natural ingredients to look for:

  • Alpha-Arbutin – Derived from the Bearberry plant it is very expensive to manufacture and is one of the most advanced skin lightening ingredients on the market and a very effective natural alternative to synthetic hydroquinone.
  • Bearberry Extract – Also called Arbutin, or Beta-Arbutin, it is also derived from the Bearberry plant. Safe and natural although it’s skin lightening effect is less than that of the alpha version.
  • Kojic Acid – Derived from rice it is a mild inhibitor of the formation of melanin. Discovered in 1989 it is another natural alternative to hydroquinone.Also used in food and cosmetics as a preservative.
  • Licorice Extract – The licorice plant serves many purposes in skin care. It has skin whitening and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties make it a very popular ingredient in the skin care industry.
  • Lemon Juice Extract – Lemon juice is one of nature’s most potent skin bleaching ingredients. Unfortunately it can only be used at small concentrations because it is also very irritating to the skin.

There are more natural ingredients that are used in small amounts in many skin lighteners. Look for the products that contain natural ingredients like these and avoid the others with the harsh chemicals.

Conclusion And A Recommendation

If you are looking for the best skin whitening cream you should conduct a thorough research beginning with the ones that contain natural non toxic ingredients. From there you can safely experiment to find the best cream that suits your skin type.

Picture of meladerm skin cream productA good place to start your search for a cream containing natural ingredients that works well is with a specialty product called Meladerm. It is manufactured by the Civant Skin Care company and it is only available online.

It has never used Hydroquinone, and is one of the pioneers of using Alpha-Arbutin as an safe and effective alternative. They have rather impressive statistics and data regarding the cream’s success.

It is definitely worth giving a try especially since it is safe to use, and has a 30 day money back guarantee. If it does not work you get all your money back so there is no risk to you.

Civant skin care official meladerm website